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Tibet is a most unusual and beautiful place. The majority of it’s land rests 4000 meters (13,000 feet) and is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. The awe-inspiring Himalayas are the highest in the world, as is the never ending Tibetan plateau. It is a place for the rugged adventurer as well as the spiritual wanderer.

Tibet is a land held back in time, housing many secrets. Nomads remain much the same as they did one hundred years ago. Roaming the plateau from winter and summer camps the nomads still mainly subsist from their yak herds. Then, there are the monasteries which are striving to find a place in a country that’s suddenly facing the 21st century.

Information on Tibet (Lhasa) Tour:

All Travellers travelling in Tibet are kindly requested to bear in mind that Tibet being extremely remote and isolated by the most formidable Himalayan ranges remains still one of the most captivating but least developed parts in the world with its very short history of tourism, just about 8 years, the facilities for tourists although being upgraded are still at basic and limited scale and expensive too. So the visitors are kindly requested not to have high expectation in termsof facilities in Tibet. You can rather take this tour as an adventure from every point of view, via roads, hotels, vehicles, climates, visa, etc.


Booking and Visa:

Nepal entry and re-entry visa can be obtain at airport in Kathmandu or any entry points in Nepal or any royal Nepal embassy or consulate office.

All tourists visiting Tibet requires special allen travel permit which they obtain only by joining tours organized travel agencies. Those who arrive in Kathmandu with a Chinese visa issued by embassies in their countries will find useless for entry into Tibet.

To obtain Chinese visa (normal), it require minimum 1 week in advance from within Kathmandu. Chinese embassy working hours are from 10:00 hours to 11:30 hors every Monday to Wednesday and Friday (thrice a week only).

To book a tour, must send full passport details (including full name as in passport, date and place of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiry, profession, sex, nationality, home address, contact number, etc) should reach us. For visa procedure, 4 full working days are required with a condition that clients should be available in Kathmandu. Normal visa fee is USD 28.00 currently and urgent charge USD 17.00 extra have to borne by the clients. For US citizen an extra USD 14.00 on above fee shall be applied.


We always try to provide a good English speaking Tibetan guide, however, as per new regulation, guides are provided by the guide association on a queue basis. Guide in Tibet do not get enough exposure to English language, please do not expect fluent and spontaneous explanation from he/her. It is advisable that your frequent questioning will encourage him/her to explain well, question by question.


There are strict controls over taking pictures inside the monasteries but some upon paying a fee (extra cost), a monk may turn on the lights making the flash less necessary. Do not carry any Dalai Lama pictures, free Tibet posters or t-shirts, Tibetan flags or controversial political magazines or books.


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