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Drapes along the greatest heights of the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Nepal is a land of eternal fascination, a land of eternal fascination, a place where one visit is rarely enough, it is in fact a country of amazing extremes, mixture of ethnic diversity, a combination of eternal snow and tropical south blended with a perfection of architecture, arts and crafts.

Nepal offers  an astonishing topographical with altitude ranging from 70m to 8,848m just within a span of just 193 km. Partly on account of this, Nepal boasts of all kinds of climates ranging from alpine to temperate to tropical.

All kinds of flora from tundra-like vegetation to desert-type cactuses to rainforest. All kind of fauna from prairie dog-like Marmot to snow leopard to dolphin. All kinds of geo-futures raining from the steppes (wind-swept dsesrt landscape) to countless river to lake valleys and vales to hills to mountains to plains to jungles to marshland to grassland, etc. not to mention hundreds of rivers glacial lakes, and creeks with their common origin in the Himalaya. The Kali Gandaki meanders between the world's deepest gorge/canyon.

The highest mountain in the world-still the last mystical symbol of purity left in the world gone wrong. Over 70 ethnic group, each with its own unique culture and language, spread out across the length and breadth of Nepal mostly in hamlets, villages and shantytowns. Temples, shrines, festivals year long. All you need to enjoy all these ate a pair of strong legs and the sprit of adventure.


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