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High in the clouds of the majestic Himalaya Moutains lies the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon. This tiny landlocked state is a living museum with exquisite architecture and still intact Buddhist culture arousing visions of Shangri-la. As part of the silk route of central Asia, traders from exotic and far-flung lands have long spoken of the beauties of these lands.

The grandeur and pristine beauty of nature finds its counter par in the life style of the Bhutanese. The pace of life is unhurried, and strongly influenced by Mahayana Buddhism, of which Bhutan is the last bastion. Religious festivals are very important in Bhutanese life and are raucous, joyous affairs. The dzongs, or fortresses, come to life with vivid color, a cacophony of music, and cheerful dancing as valley dwelling farmers and townsfolk, dressed in their finest kira (for women) and goa (for men, join together to exorcise evil spirits and rejoice in seasonal changes.


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